Your Digital Innovation Journey

Proof of Concept

The benefits that we can bring to an organisation through developing digital applications are clear. We also recognise that our clients have lots of questions and challenges which need to be addressed.

The best way to answer these questions and address the challenges is to deliver a free proof of concept. This involves us working together with the clientÔÇÖs business and IT teams and can be done a matter of days.


Once the proof of concept has been developed and a business case has been agreed, we then develop the digital application with your Business and IT teams.

Executive sponsorship has a strong influence on the success of the project. Once the application has been developed and is live, itÔÇÖs good to celebrate success. This not only rewards the team involved, but also provides a positive basis for the next application. As part of the success celebration we typically provide a themed cake ÔÇô which has always been well received and further unites the team.


Having assessed the success of the first application, a workshop can be delivered by RAD Solutions to help you scale digital application development. Each client has a different mix of application requirements, internal skills, IT strategy and infrastructure. We can help you create a development roadmap, up skilling plan, support service and governance structure.

We are so confident in what we believe and do, and how we can make a difference to your business through digital applications, that we’d like to develop a FREE proof of concept with you.

Contact us for your FREE proof of concept

Benefits you will receive from a free proof of concept:

Discover how you can create a digital enterprise with your employees and watch their enthusiasm and creativity explode while delivering the desired business outcome.

Start small and prove it works and learn from the process.

Test if your organisation can become a digital enterprise and adopt the way digital applications are now developed. Seeing is believing.

See how your IT and Business teams work together in harmony by aligning different needs ÔÇô flexibility and governance.

Learn how digital applications can co-exist in your existing landscape.