Booster for Payroll Control Center

The SAPPayroll of Tomorrow, Today

The SAP?« Payroll process has traditionally been batch-processing based, time consuming, labor intensive, and prone to errors discovered right at the processing deadline. With the introduction of the SAP Payroll Control Center (PCC) and the advent of the EPI-USE Booster for PCC, the future of Payroll processing is revolutionized.

The Payroll Control Center is a fundamentally new way in which…

Payroll is planned and processed

Issues are monitored and reported

The PCC is available for On-Premise Payroll and Employee Central Payroll solutions and provides a framework for:

  • End-to-end processing of Payroll from a single screen;
  • Continuous (test-mode) Payroll processing;
  • Real-time exception monitoring;
  • Guided update of master data based on warning or error messages;
  • Automatic rerun of Payroll after corrections;
  • Integrated analytics; and
  • Optimized administration and task distribution.

EPI-USE PCC Booster Features and Benefits

EPI-USE enhanced the standard PCC product with the introduction of the EPI-USE PCC Booster. The Booster capatilizes on the strengths of the standard product and sidestep itÔÇÖs inherit limitations by accelerating deployment and reducing maintenance effort for single and multinational environments. The Booster comprises a methodology, templates, workbooks, enhanced design, pre-defined code, validations, KPIÔÇÖs, tools and training and support material.

Designed with Multi-nationals in mind

The Booster provides a means of implementing PCC far more efficiently and cost-effectively for both single country and multinational organizations.

  • Unique global design with country localization for legal and statutory requirements;
  • Global validations and KPIÔÇÖs framework;
  • Modular, extensible and table driven configuration; and
  • Multi-language support.

Pre-packaged validations, KPIÔÇÖs and processes

Processes, validations, KPIÔÇÖs and tools to accelerate implementation effort and manage risk and auditability during monthly payroll processing.

  • Processes covering master data validation, test payroll, live payroll and post-payroll;
  • More than 100 global core validations and 30 key performance indicators (KPIÔÇÖs);
  • Country specific validations and KPIÔÇÖs;
  • Support for Simplification and filtering.
  • Various other benefits such as:
    • Payroll data correctness and completeness;
    • Improved accuracy of payroll calculations;
    • Identify potential fraudulent activities;
    • Tax checks;
    • Bank payment validations;
    • Company liability indicators;
    • System health checks.

Proven Project Implementation Methodology

Field-proven in multiple countries on a variety of landscape configurations.

  • Robust methodology covering prerequisite setup, blueprint, configuration, testing, training and post go-live support;
  • Hugely accelerated project implementation approach;
  • For on premise, Employee Central with Employee
  • Central Payroll or Hana Enterprise Cloud; and
  • Training and support material to accelerate learning and adoption.

Bundled Product and Tools

Product and tools to support during implementation with ongoing benefits in ÔÇ£business as usualÔÇØ use.

  • Additional EPI-USE products included for use during implementation and business as usual environment;
  • Template and tools to support table driven parameter handling and no hardcoding;
  • View and research payroll results during the test
  • payroll process (viewing and reporting of declustered data); and
  • Ability for Payroll team to make limited changes in
  • Production environment without transports.

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