Employing over 1,300 people, EPI-USE, which is the worldÔÇÖs largest and most experienced independent SAP HCM specialist and which has emerged as a leader in designing, building, integrating and implementing Cloud-based, hybrid and on-premises SAPÔÇôbased solutions for large, complex multinational corporations.

With a suite covering 34 countries, EPI-USE is the worldÔÇÖs largest independent purveyor of SAP country payroll software for regions in which SAP does not offer a standard payroll solution. ?áIn its 30-plus year history, EPI-USE has implemented or been involved with more than 750 SAP HCM-based solutions around the world.

EPI-USE forms part of Zone 1 of the groupelephant.com group of companies. groupelephant.com is a largely employee-owned group of companies, non-profits and impact investment organizations, with a strong global presence. The Group is characterized by a primary strategic imperative, we go ÔÇÿBeyond Corporate PurposeÔÇÖ in our day-to-day activities.?á The Group has an unconventional approach to philanthropic activity.?á Rather than implementing a traditional corporate social responsibility program and rather than simply donating funds to charities, in ÔÇÿBeyond Corporate PurposeÔÇÖ we have a multi-zoned operating model comprising for-profit, not-for-profit and impact investment zones.?á This model provides a professional, institutionalised delivery capability in the area of not-for-profit activity, and impact investment in support thereof.?á The primary focus areas are the preservation of at-risk Elephants and Rhinos, and the economic upliftment of rural People in areas adjacent to the threatened species, or another meaning of ÔÇÿERPÔÇÖ, if you will.

Our Partners

Zone 1

This zone?ácomprises a number of for-profit boutique firms, each specializing in services and software products that address areas that are based on Enterprise Resource Planning (ÔÇÿERPÔÇÖ) systems and that are non-core, yet business-critical to large commercial enterprises and public sector agencies. Professionals in Zone 1 focus on delivering solutions designed to enhance organizational value, for myriad industries and sectors;

ÔÇÿZone 2ÔÇÖ comprises a professional, institutionalized nonprofit capability focused on the preservation and protection of Elephants and Rhinos in the wild, and the economic upliftment of rural People in adjacent areas (ÔÇÿERPÔÇÖ); and

ÔÇÿZone 3ÔÇÖ comprises companies focused on ecotourism asset management, wildlife-related property developments in furtherance of the objectives of the Elephants, Rhinos & PeopleÔÇÖ program, and any for-profit activity that does not fall into Zone 1 but that benefits either Zone 1 or Zone 2. Zones 2 and 3 collectively implement our ÔÇÿBeyond Corporate PurposeÔÇÖ activity, in the form of the ÔÇÿElephants, Rhinos & PeopleÔÇÖ program.

We offer eleven lines of business trading through the following brands:

Comprising multiple service lines relating to Human Capital Management.

Comprising multiple service lines relating to Human Capital Management.


Group Reporting and Enterprise Performance Management.


Proprietary Software for SAP Systems, Hosting, Cloud Migration Services, and Landscape Transformation Services.


Bespoke Software Development and Data Services.


Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services.


SAP ERP,?áS4/Hana,?áApplication Management Services,?áHosting and?áCloud Services?áfor SAP Financials


Telemetry systems for power utilities


IoT,?áElectronic Component?áDevelopment,?áIntegration of?áElectronic Subsystems,?áEmbedded Hardware and?áSoftware Development


Patient-centric Medical Records


Specialised Workforce Performance

Utilities Billing and Invoicing, including Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions implementations.

Specializing in middle-market Human Capital Management and Payroll in Germany, and German- language markets